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Kingdom of Dreams

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location Nautanki Mahal, Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon

• Redeem before: Feb 28, 2012

The Fine Print

Merchant Location(s)

Auditorium Complex, Behind Leisure Valley Park
Sector 29, Gurgaon
Pin: 122001
Timing: 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm (Tuesday-Friday)
11:00am to 12:30pm & 10:00pm to 11:30pm (Saturday & Sunday)
Phone: 0124-4528000

Reasons to Buy

Merchant Detail

Mana takes you through a fantasy tale of creation of the world through some beautifully represented surreal characters. Mana, the Mother Goddess is the founder of the Universe who gives birth to life and a peaceful existence for all.

Volcania, the Goddess of Fire is the greedy one who disturbs the balance of Mana as she dreams of being the most powerful of all Elements of Nature. Perfagor is Volcania’s trusted servant who is by her side in all her evil conquests.

Viperia is the dragon-headed mystic of Volcania, who guides her in this evil adventure with her crystal ball and wicked ideas. Vanity, the naive Goddess of Earth, agrees to help Volcania in exchange of an Eternal Spring for all seasons.

Oceane, the playful Goddess of Water, is Volcania’s biggest enemy and the caretaker of the gorgeous mermaids. The majestic God of Air, Eos, teams up with Oceane to save her from Volcania’s evil attack. This fantastical tale begins as Mana, The Mother Goddess creates a beautiful and harmonious cycle of life forming the Universe. But soon after, greed takes over and Volcania, the wicked one, tries to overpower the rest of the Elements of Nature. She calls her trusted Perfagor and asks him to get rid of Mana. Volcania then calls on Viperia, her mystic, to plan her conquest. The clever Viperia tells Volcania that she needs to fear no one but Oceane, since water can douse all fire. All Volcania needs is a cloak of mermaid scales, for water has no effect of mermaid scales. But how will fire go near the mermaids deep in the sea to get their scales? Viperia has the answer again! They take the Earth Goddess, Vanity on their side and make her send the plant monsters under the sea to capture some mermaids. Sure enough, Vanity, agrees to help Volcania in her sneaky plan in exchange of an Eternal Spring Season. The unsuspecting Oceane is happy in her world until she finds out about Volcania’s wrong-doing. She weeps in sorrow and calls on Eos. Eos is enraged by Volcania and he sends out a tornado to weaken Volcania. But the tornado is not strong enough, and so a Final Combat is called for. In a duel, Eos defeats Perfagor and Volcania loses. After her shameful defeat, Volcania realises that for the world to sustain they need to stay together in harmony.

As always good wins over evil, there is balance once again and Mana is finally at peace. The artistic representation of the elements and the breathtaking stunts makes the simple story of Mana a once in a life-time experience.

Terms & Conditions: • Children below the height of 42’’ are not allowed into the auditorium. • Kindly check date, time & performance schedule for the day. As per policy, KOD does not cancel/refund/change any ticket once booked. • Ticket is non refundable, in case the show is cancelled, management of Kingdoms of Dream revalidate the ticket for fresh date. Any cancellation will be duly notified through proper channels, i.e. telephone/e-mail media/internet etc. In case of an event cancellation, only the net ticket price & taxes will be refunded. The service charge or any other charges paid fee and included in the ticket sale, such as convenience charge or delivery charge will not be refunded. • Event is subject to force majeure conditions. Management reserve the right to cancel the show or reschedule it on an alternative date. • Ticket once issued can’t be replaced if misplaced/stolen etc. • Ticket cannot be redeemed with cash • All the rates are inclusive of applicable government taxes as on date. • This ticket is subject to the strict observance of the rules & regulations of the event/show organiser & the management of Kingdoms of Dreams here after referred as KOD. • Right of admission are reserved by KOD. Rules of the venue, auditorium and KOD will apply. • Ticket is valid for one (1) person only and strictly non-transferable. • Camera, baggage, handbags, bottles, canes/tins/weapons and any other belonging not allowed inside Nautanki Mahal. • Lockers are available on first-come-first-serve basis. • The use of laser light and audio or video equipment by the patrons is strictly prohibited inside the Nautanki Mahal. • Food & beverages is not permitted/allowed to be carried inside the auditorium. • KOD is not responsible for the loss/theft of any personal belonging and or any injury to the ticket holder at the event. • The artist/performers will perform using recorded play back music. • The artist/story/script and timing may change without prior notice. • Entry will not be allowed inside Nautanki Mahal auditorium during certain segment of the show. Late entry for the event /show will be permitted as indicated by KOD users. • The ticket is sole property of the KOD. • The consumption banned substances is strictly prohibited. • Kindly switch off all pagers, mobile phone & any other communication devices upon entering the Nautanki Mahal. Kindly maintain the silence during the shows. • Photography through cameras or mobile phones is strictly prohibited. • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside Nautanki Mahal. • KOD parking facilities are available at owner’s own risk. • All trade marks /brand names/intellectual property displayed on the ticket at the venue and the KOD belong to the great Indian Nautanki company private limited or to their rightful owners. • All standard KOD terms and conditions are applicable. • All disputes shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Gurgaon court Haryana. • The decision of the management of Kingdom of Dreams shall be final and binding.

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